28 Jun 2016

2016 #1




It's June of 2016 and this is my very first post for this year. Do forgive me. I do miss blogging. I really really do but I can't find suitable time to sit down and to actually fathom my super duper mixed thoughts lately into words, and to be able to type it down during my leisure time. 

Just an instant update anyway that life is doing pretty good currently. I do believe and keeping firm faith in God that He is planning something else for me, thus everything that has happened was yes for a reason. People come and go, but yes it was all meant to teach me perhaps a lesson about life. 

And my current jam (read; school doing) is just to have my year 6 kids be prepared for their UPSR examination and to make sure that they are ready to enter new phase of their life, soon (secondary school).

Until next write up, gotta go for now!



29 Jul 2015

define LIAR

Never ever give someone so much hope when in the end of the day you simply choose to take the other junction just because you are afraid of the risks awaiting. I doubt it so. You can commit on love but you can't commit for greater commitment awaits. What is more than a LIAR here?

P/S: Victim does not need to be entertained with saving-yourself-statements. It really is crystal clear now.